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The Good Life

We all know our political system needs some fine-tuning, or an overhaul. Let’s talk about what we can do other than complain and blame the “Others”.

Join Erica Schauer, Wes Dodge and others as they explore fixes to our faltering political system.

A couple of times a month we will bring you interviews and banter with those who we hope will enlighten us and guide us toward building that more perfect union. If you enjoy discussions about politics, intelligent or otherwise, Wes and Erica will try to educate and entertain.

The Good Life, If You Can Keep It

The inaugural episode of a new podcast to discuss different democracy reform measures, interview guests from across the political spectrum, and try to educate their listeners about civic engagement. This first episode is about Ranked Choice Voting and Senator McCollisters bill currently in the legislature.

Ep. 40 Rank the Vote Nebraska: Erica Schauer and Ben Mazur

You’ve heard us talking these past months about rank choice voting and we aren’t alone in our new fondness for ranking the vote. Joining us today is Erica Schauer and Ben Mazur of Rank the Vote Nebraska, an online movement to educate the public about the benefits of ranking the vote in hopes that someday we can push the needle of election reform and make some changes, specifically at the local level.

Becka’s Beat: Rank choice voting. It’s time to try something new.

Omaha ( Fox 42 ) — What is rank choice voting and why is it a good idea? I use a football analogy to illustrate why Nebraska should consider using it.

Research Articles about RCV

2021 Nebraska Exit Survey Research

This past year brought challenges, rewards and many educational opportunities to the communities in Nebraska and around the world through the pandemic. Currently Nebraska uses single-choice voting ballots, as we strive to bring ranked choice voting to our great state it is important to know how Nebraskan’s feel about it. If we can gain support,…

There’s a reason why Lisa Murkowski can threaten to leave the Republicans

Alaska’s new voting system makes it hard for Republicans to punish her Maine is currently the only state to use ranked-choice voting statewide. Here’s a look at how ranked-choice voting works. (The Washington Post) By Lee Drutman | January 9, 2021 On Friday, Sen. Lisa Murkowksi (R-Alaska) became the first Republican senator to call on…

Monopoly Politics 2020: The Root of Dysfunction in the U.S. House of Representatives

December 17, 2020 FairVote’s Monopoly Politics is a biennial project conducted before each election cycle to predict the results of all 435 seats in the House of Representatives. First developed in 1997 as a forerunner to the Cook Partisan Voting Index and later refined to systematize its weighting of incumbency, Monopoly Politics’ influential methodology relies…

A Survey and Analysis of Statewide Election Recounts, 2000-2019

November 4, 2020 The ability to handle a recount of votes to ensure fair, accurate and genuinely democratic outcomes is widely recognized as a critical component of election administration. Trust in elections requires trust in the recount process and ongoing learning about how best to conduct recounts and determine what victory margins and post-elections audit…


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News articles about rcv

Why are states increasingly moving to open primary elections?

Laura Ebke Over the last few years, state legislatures have seen a significant increase in proposals to change how states vote. Quite apart from voter eligibility, or the period during which they can vote, these proposals have suggested fundamental changes in how the ballot looks. Maine and Alaska are using rank-choice voting in their statewide…


… “Get ready for the circus,” one staffer predicted. “Are you here for the show?” another asked.  “The circus, of course, was the multiple rounds of voting in which Members of Congress attempted to elect the next Speaker of the House of Representatives, the first time such a vote needed multiple rounds in one hundred years.…

After Omaha’s primary election results, is rank choice voting the path forward?

Hannah Michelle Bussa | April 20, 2021 After Omaha’s primary on April 6, discussions about rank choice voting were brought to the forefront. Specifically in the mayoral race, rank choice voting could have changed the results of the election. Former candidate for U.S. Senate Angie Philips discussed rank choice voting (RCV). “RCV is a method…


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