We are a non-partisan group of Nebraska voters working to bring Open Primaries, Ranked Choice Voting, and reform to the Cornhusker state. BBN is 100% volunteer and grassroots-donor powered.

Mission Statement

Better Ballots Nebraska – formerly Rank The Vote Nebraska – educates and promotes equal voices for all its citizens in shaping Nebraska’s governing practices in ensuring its sustainability and longevity of “equality before the law.” 

Vision Statement

To provide all Nebraska voters an equal voice in all elections.

Operating Values

  • Equality: We believe every voter’s voice should count and be considered in an election fairly, we will commit to ensuring each candidate is elected by at least 51% majority of its voters’ approval.
  • Equity: Every candidate should have an equal chance of being elected regardless of party affiliation, we will work to depolarize campaign elections by bringing equal ballot initiatives. 
  • Engagement: We believe all Nebraska voters have a unique contribution in shaping our states initiatives and governing principles and we will actively work to implement new voting technologies for the future of Nebraska and its neighbors.

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Questions? Reach out to info@rankthevotenebraska.com

Press queries can be sent to: press@rankthevotenebraska.com

Leadership Team

Cynthia S Maxwell-Ostdiek



Kimberly Jones

Secretary and Treasurer

Wes Dodge

Vice President


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