2021 Nebraska Exit Survey Research

This past year brought challenges, rewards and many educational opportunities to the communities in Nebraska and around the world through the pandemic. Currently Nebraska uses single-choice voting ballots, as we strive to bring ranked choice voting to our great state it is important to know how Nebraskan's feel about it. If we can gain support, … Continue reading 2021 Nebraska Exit Survey Research

Bill would allow Nebraska voters to use ranked-choice voting for some elected offices

“We’ve come together around this single issue because we want better choices, better candidates,” she told the committee. “We want better ideas for our communities and families, and ranked-choice voting methods will strengthen our elections and improve our representation.”

The Political-Reform Movement Scores Its Biggest Win Yet

Election changes such as ranked-choice voting and nonpartisan primaries are popping up across the country—and are already upending national politics. Russell Berman | January 26, 2021 The ballot measure that Alaska adopted by a narrow margin last fall represents the farthest-reaching changes to any state’s election laws in recent memory, giving a boost to political … Continue reading The Political-Reform Movement Scores Its Biggest Win Yet

Ranked choice voting, explained

Lauren Dezenski | September 30, 2020 This year, Maine will be the first state to use ranked choice voting in a federal election. This applies to the presidential race, as well as the US House and US Senate. Here's what to know about the system. "By requiring the winner to reach more than 50 percent … Continue reading Ranked choice voting, explained